Thursday, December 18, 2008

This is how we spent our day...

Long story short, Jack Henry's doctor, Dr. Amy, thought he may be having small seizures and referred Jack to a neurologist at Vanderbilt, his appt is in Jan. Wednesday morning Dr. Amy's nurse, Becky, called to see how he was doing (we love his doctor & her staff, they really care and call just to check in whenever Jack has been sick), I told her he a had a few 'spells' the night before that included his eyes doing something weird. So a few minutes later she called back to tell us to go straight to Vandy, like right then..ok so we did, arrived about 1 pm, and checked in. this hospital is the most efficient place i have ever been, by 2 pm we had seen our doctor and neurologist and they lined up a ct scan and eeg, attempted to start an iv, twice, Jack was having no part of that, so he was very upset during the eeg, he did look super cute with his little hospital gown and 25 electodes on his head covered with gauze. eeg came back normal as did the ct scan, the scan did show fluid buildup behind the bones in his ear (?) and since your ears maintain your equilibrium it is possible that it could be the cause...FYI..i said this to jason a few weeks ago and had his ears checked but they were fine, the Dr. at Vandy did say this is not the kind of fluid you can see by looking into the ear, you really need a scan to see it. So we have a follow up with neuro in Jan. but right now we feel good that all the tests were normal and will not be worrying about this through Christmas.


  1. oh my gosh, i'm so glad to know about this!! we will be praying for you guys!

  2. oh my LORD! I had no idea! Bless his heart- I am sure you were scared to death. Thank goodness everything is ok! love.